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Wire Analog Resistive Touch Panel

CH- T6 Features
˙Film on glass technology
˙Input by (gloved) finger or stylus
˙PDA ˙Mobile Phone
˙IA Products ˙Mini Notebook
˙Web Phone ˙Web Pad
˙e-Book ˙Handheld PC
CH- T6 specifications(patent pending)
6-Wire Analog Resistive Type
Film Anti-Glare (available), Polished (available), Anti-Reflection (developing)
Light Transmission 83﹪
Insulation Impedance More than 20MΩ ﹫D.C.25V
Operation Voltage D.C. 5V(or 3.3V)
Linearity Bias less than 2.0﹪
Input Method Finger or Pen
Touch Activation Force 40g or less*.
  *For example, a 12.1" touch sensor, the TAT (Touch Activation Force) is
  less or equal to grams on 96﹪of actionable area.
Surface Hardness In conformity with the scrape hardness (3H) of ASTM D3365 and JIS K5400
Sensor Thickness

1. 35±0.15mm (developing)
2. 13±0.15mm (available)
3. 25±0.15mm (available)
4. 25±0.15mm (developing)

Operation Environment -20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃
Relative Humidity Steady state ﹫60℃ and 90﹪RH for 240 hours
Touch Durability More than 10 million** touches at a single location
Pen Silding Durability More than 1 million** strokes **The system remains functional even?
  the surface is damaged.
Environmental & sealing NEMA 4
Supported operation system
MS-DOS, Windows Families, MAC, Linux and etc.
3-months warranty and long-term services

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