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Technical Data
3M Capacitive Touch Screens


Input Method

Finger. TouchPen available with qualified sensor, attachments and electronics

Accuracy and Precision Area

Reported touch coordinates are within 1.0% of true position (based on viewing area dimensions) when linearized and used in conjunction with 3M Touch Systems electronics.

Touch Screen Resolution

16k x 16k


Optical Clarity

Up to 88% light transmission at 550 nm; dependant on specific surface finish choosen.
Equipment used: BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus

Surface Finishes

Industrial and Polished etch for flat or curved. True etch for curved only. True AR etch for flat only.


ClearTek is a protective glass overcoat that protects the sensor by resisting scratches and increasing durability.



Factory linearization values are stored in the touchscreen NOVRAM, attached controller or 2D bar-code

Touch Contact Requirement

3 ms for finger input.

Glass Thickness

0.125” (±0.01M) / 3.18mm (±2.5mm) typical. (Glass only, not including tape, wires and solder if used)

Size and Shape

Hundreds of curved (spherical and cylindrical) and flat sizes offered. Custom sizes also available.

Surface Scratch Hardness 1

Can not be scratched using any stylus with Mohs’ rating of less than 6.5. Exceeds severe abrasion test per MIL-C-675C. Withstands 10,500 grams of force per Balance Beam Scrape Adhesion Mar Tester. MicroScratch tester with 10 micron radius tungsten carbide indenter takes a force of 1.8 Newtons.

NEMA Rating

NEMA sealable.


Complete water-resistant seal obtainable with polyethylene gasket.
Consult Sensor Integration guide for additional information.


Water, isopropyl alcohol, and similar non-abrasive cleaners.


Endurance Test 2

A ClearTek sensor with Industrial etch has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand over 225 million mechanical touches without noticeable degradation to the surface.

Surface Obstructions

Touch screen’s operation unaffected by surface obstructions such as dirt, dust, grease, smoke, peanut butter, etc.

Chemical Resistance

ClearTek is highly resistant to corrosives, in accordance with ASTM-D-1308-87 (1993) and ASTMD-F-1598-95.

Liquid Resistance

Liquids on screen do not impede touchscreen performance.

Liquid Repellence

Contact angle of 94° and greater measured using Sessile Drop Contact Angle Method. This renders the screen extremely water repellent.

Operating Temperature Range

-15℃ to 70℃ for touch screen.

Storage Temperature

Always store the touch screen sensor in its original shipping container between -50℃ and 85℃ (MIL-STD-810E). Never store the touch sensors in and environment where condensation may form.

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